The TIKI MEN - Hawaiian, groovy and fun original music for the people


The Tiki Men features four accomplished musicians exploring a wide range of musical material, including standard Hawaiian Luau repertoire; but also interesting instrumental explorations into Exotica, Jazz, Film Scores, Funky Grooves, Psychedelia and a wide range of original compositions.  This band always brings those sweet island vibes and good times that never disappoint.  The arrangements are both intimate and surprising.  The inspiring sound of the Tiki Men is driven by the high-quality musicianship of its players.  

Led by Oregon Hall of Famer and composer Paul Brainard on Steel Guitar, Paul drives the band with a wide-variety of soundscapes and exceptional mastery of his instrument.  Joining on Guitar is Ian Miller – an absolutely stellar guitarist that provides the counterpoint and the perfect pairing to Brainard’s steel harmonies.  Miller’s love of film scores, and encyclopedic knowledge of rock-and-roll music history gives the band a wide library of guitar sounds to draw upon.  On vibraphone, percussion and occasionally full drum kit, Dennis Elmer brings a chordal bed to the songs along with exciting vibe solos in addition to holding down the rhythm with bassist, Matthew Rotchford.  Rotchford plays both upright and electric basses and provides the needed glue to let these soloists soar in addition to the tickling solos of his own.  One of our official and favorite “Tiki People” is accomplished vocalist, Michael Jodell Brown.  Her sultry and soothing vocal delivery raises the bar for this already powerhouse quartet.  Providing both original compositions and classic covers, Michael’s beautiful vocal delivery has a familiarity, and yet provides the band with a new sound all its own.  The Tiki Horns and added percussion can grow the ensemble to the full Tiki Orchestra strength, providing all the textures and sonic joy expected in addition to the core of the exciting Tiki Men quartet.  



Paul Brainard Steel Guitar, Groovy Compositions, Fun Machine
Ian Miller  Guitars, Musicology and Fireworks
Dennis Elmer  Vibraphone, Snare Drum and Whip
Matt Rotchford Upright and Electric Basses, Tickle Me Elmo
Michael Jodell Brown *Vocals, Sultry Songwriting and Dirty Jokes
Maria Ramos *Vocals, Smooth Delivery and Hawaiian Yodels
The Tiki Horns *Trombone, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxophone Bringin' the Boom!

          * The quartet often grows to add Vocals and Horn arrangements as well as the the complete Tiki Orchestra!

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