I am currently performing and/or recording with the following good friends and amazing musicians:

St. James's Gate - 
St. James's Gate, is one of the Northwest's most popular and exciting Irish bands, with a unique sound that spans many traditions, genres and styles.  Performing everything from traditional, popular and original compositions, St. James's Gate has been lighting up stages with fiery Irish music for over a decade now.  The band includes;Cronin Tierney on guitar and vocals, Griff Bear on fiddle and vocals, (me) Matthew Rotchford on acoustic and electric basses and vocals, Dylan Thomas Vance on guitars and vocals, and Dennis Elmer on the drums.  We have a great time playing music together and have shared some of the funniest moments in my life, on stage – from the sublime to the ridiculous.  The band has performed in a myriad of performances from festivals to stunning resorts, private celebrations to some of the most livliest pubs throughout the Pacific, most notably the Kells Irish Pubs.  The band has released 4 CD's, the self-titled, St. James’s Gate”, also recorded at Kells pub, andStation to Station”, recorded live on the air for KBOO-FM.  The studio effort, entitled “We’ll Be Right Back.”  And most recently "Sessions" which is both live and studio.

Bahttsi - or  This band is to music what chickens are to cuisine.  Or is it that Bahttsi is to chickens what music is to cuisine.  Perhaps that’s closer.  This group is about having a great time, supporting each other’s original music experiments and did I mention having FUN?  Lately I have been trying to go “FULL BAHTTSI” and it has seemed to work out well for me.  Give it a try yourself.  Do you like original music?  Do you like mandolins on steroids?  How about Bluegrass Beat Poetry, Aliens and open ended musical mayhem?  If your answer is all of the above, then Bahttsi is for you.  In fact we’ve always been for you, the listener.  Join us as we get old together – the fun is just beginning!   Pajamas! – there, I said it.

The Myelin Ensemble - Featuring Dennis Elmer on Vibes and Brad Rapp on guitar along with a variety of guest artists, the Myelin ensemble provides incredible jazz classics with modern melodies to entertain parties and all manner of events.  The band is the perfect pairing with wine and conversation.  This is an exciting project that gains in popularity each time we play. 

Jeremy Wilson and the Triangle -  Jeremy Wilson is an accomplished musician who also runs the JWF Foundation to serve musicians who could not otherwise afford health insurance.  Working with guitarist Dylan Thomas Vance and producer Sean Flora, the group worked Jeremy's songs and brought this vision to life.   I am very proud of this recording and it was an honor to be involved.  Much of the songs feature arco bass as well as electric.  A great album!

Dylan Thomas-Vance -  Amazing singer, lap-steel and all-around guitarist, Dylan Thomas Vance performs often with bands as mentioned above and as a solo artist.  I appeared on Dylan’s album “Bittersweet” as well as a live in-studio performance with Griff Bear and harmonica player David Lipkindduring the “Station to Station” sessions.  We all work together in both StJG and Bahttsi.

Hank Cramer - I first met Hank at an Irish Music Festival in Ocean Shores, WA at the Galway Bay Pub.  Since that time, Hank and I have become fast friends and musical partners in his quest to become the hardest working man in all of Folk Music.  I have recorded over seven albums with Hank including Caledonia– his collection of Scottish music and the immensely popular Way Out West– his first foray into Cowboy Music.  Each recording session at David Lange Studios has been an incredible joy.  Each session we cover new ground, work with a number of established session players (Orville Johnson, Robby Thran ,and many others) to complete the recording collection of songs that are true to their history, but given life anew.  Hank not only sends me the charts, but the history of the song, photos of the people the song was about, and any little tidbits that help me give my best performances on string bass.  It is more than a studio session – it’s a musical history lesson!  I was lucky enough to tour the Highlands of Scotland with Hank and Constellations Crew in September of 2008. I look forward to more musical adventures – we currently have two new projects in the works.  More info will be posted.  He is in a class by himself.

Thomas Rheingans Ensemble - -  Pianist and composer, Thomas Rheingans is a gifted and accomplished musician.  With the support of his wonderful family, Thomas has given a fantastic musical series to the city of Vancouver, WA for over 5 years now. Called Encore, the series features not only the ensemble I perform in with vocalist Annie Kaiser and others, but many guest artists such as David Evans, Rebecca Kilgore, David Frishberg, 3 Leg Torso, Susannah Mars and Tenley Webb to name just a few.  I have one recording with the Thomas Rheingans Ensemble entitled “Live.” Thomas plays both jazz and classical effortlessly and always provides a diverse repertoire.

Greg Scholl Quartet aka The Rubies – Myself, drummer Mark Burdon, pianist Chris Azorr and Greg Scholl on trombone – Jazz straight up the way God intended.   The only quartet in Portland that still enjoys a good-looking pocket square placed in the upper outside pocket of your suit coat.  Performing with this group may cause the piano player to burst out laughing during the quiet portions of wedding engagements.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Ricki Hisaw Duo/Trio/Quartet/Quintet – It does not matter to me who else is there as long as the fabulous Ricki Hisaw is singing.  This girl can SING!   (and plays fiddle and accordion?, guitar too now?  Wow.)

Vagabond Opera - I am fortunate to sit in for bassist Jason Flores when he occasionally has date conflicts.  This band is a complete success story and template for how hard work and musicianship can make dreams come true.  Drummer Mark Burdon also performs with Bahttsi.  Performances here are life experiences.   Tramps, Scamps Swelles and Belles!  All are welcome – All have a good time.  Check them out: 

Others…I have performed with a variety of bands, and inspiring musicians - just a few of these are: Jason Elliott, Brandon O'Brien, Stephen Daubert, Speedwell, DooDad, the Arnie Carruthers Band,Cronin Tierney, Constellations Crew, Chris Azorr, Bob Soper, Pat Buckley, Kurt Deutscher, Cary Novotny, Tom May, Peggie Moje, Ken Larson, Eddie Parente and a host of others locally and beyond. I love to play that bass!

Bad Album Nights – My foray into the DJ Club scene with truly horrific vinyl oddities with compatriots;  D Jay Nordic Cowboy, and DJ Titan Strohmburg III ESQ.  Check my WHATNOT Page for a pending Gallery of my bad album collection.  Yes, I do own a copy ofSebastian Cabot’s readings of Bob Dylan songs… truly horrible!  Life changing!  

Dylan-Thomas Vance  
Thomas Rheingans Ensemble  
Brandon OBrian  
Bad Album Night  
My music is best understood by children and animals.
~ Igor Stravinsky


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