Matthew P Rotchford

acoustic and electric bassist

Acoustic and Electric Bassist, Matthew Rotchford  completed his Bachelor of Arts in Music, as well as a B.A. in Performing Arts Administration from Eastern Washington University while studying under Russian double bassist Roma Vayspapir, and jazz studies with a variety of   

Matt has performed throughout the Northwest with various jazz ensembles, trios, rock bands, and folk and blues groups.   Matt has had the pleasure of performing and/or recording with a number of jazz, folk, rock, classical and cultural artists and groups throughout the NW including:   Arnie Carruthers, Al-Andalus, Ethel Ennis, Vagabond Opera, Ritchie Cole, Brad Rapp, Frank Huston, Jeremy Wilson, Wynton Marsalis, Hank Cramer, Dan Maher, Dylan Thomas Vance, Greg Scholl, Boka Marimba, Cary Novotny, Susannah Mars, Norman Leyden, Cronin Tierney, Paul Brainard, Bahttsi, Thomas Rheingans, Bill Wells, Vince Littleton, Brian McCarthy. Obo Addy, Catherine Loyer, Bobby Shew, Jameson Wandling and many others. 

As a busy sideman, Matt offers his versatile bass skills and vocals to a variety of projects both llive, in studio or as a composer. In addition to his five recordings and musical efforts with St. James's Gate, he has numerous recordings with Hank Cramer, Bahttsi, Jeremy Wilson, Thomas Rheingans, and dozens of solo artists.  Matt currently performs with the instrumental lounge quartet, The Tiki Men, and spins records as DJ What?Not both solo and as part of his Bad Album Night series.  For more information on Matt's current projects and other musical efforts visit his website here.

With numerous recordings to his credit (See music),  Matt enjoys spending time with his family, friends and adding to his strange album collection (the coveted Ethel Merman Disco Album is just one fine example).

I can be contacted for session or performance work via my contact page.