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The Tiki Men play the PDX Drive-in Spectacular!

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Portland Expo Center, 2060 N Marie Drive, Portland, OR 97217

The TIki Men are a fantastic ensemble of musicians that play a mixture of soul, cajun, jazz and hawaiian exotica music. All instrumental, these musicians never disappoint. The band is so happy to be playing for Destroy All Monsters! The 6th in the Godzilla film series at this year's drive-in. See you there!

$35 for a carload of 5

St. James's Gate Headlines the Paddy's Irish Festival

Paddy's Irish Pub, 65 SW Yamhill, Portland OR 97204

St. James's Gate is thrilled to headline the Paddy's St. Patrick's Day Festival. We have tried for a number of years to coordinate our schedules to make this opportunity possible, and we are very pleased to take part. Thanks to Josh and his staff for their hospitality. We are so ready to bring a great show to this festival. Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Slainte'!