Hammond Ashley Bass                              

Hammond Ashley Upright; 1981 
Luthier Hammond Ashley created fine acoustic basses with amazing resonant tone and a unique design. This instrument is adept in both classical and pizzicato applications with a deep tone that carries especially well for club dates. Visitwww.hammondashleyviolins.comor directly in their Seattle store which has expanded into more than just basses… What were they thinking?

          Kay Bass
                    Kay Doghouse; 1942 
This instrument was given to me in trade by a student that “wanted to rock” instead. Oh well! I tried explaining that a Kay Doghouse rocks like no other, but he was having none of it. A fun and versatile bass to play.
  Fender Precision Bass - 1963 
The “Skip Willis Special.” This bass was loved and played by musician and all-around great guy, the late Skip Willis. He came to see me at Kells in Portland and immediately after I was done, told me and his wife Sandy that “You need to play my bass….” Sandy was kind enough to contact me and the instrument plays on both live and in recordings along with his Fender BassMan Amps. It is a wonderful instrument. Thank you Skip and cheers to you and yours.

Status Series II Electric Bass 
   A fantastic instrument created by Rob Green out of Sussex England. Carbon Fibre neck and wood fused body. My bass of choice, and an absolute workhorse of an instrument. Visit to see what new designs are in the works. Sadly, my first Status was stolen in 2004. For info on that click here.

Status 2
*More information on Amplifiers and other gear will be listed soon. 
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