Bad Album Night - Everything Bad is Good Again...

Bad Album Night was created with you in mind - so this is really all your fault.  It started with one innocent album...  ... and now this.

Our goal is to share numerous musical mistakes, oddities, poorly advised celebrity choices and electronic mayhem. Our mission is to reveal what has laid forgotten in dust bins, teen age attic collections and unforeseen trash. You have brought this on yourself.

Do you love the melodious sounds of Leonard Nimoy? Do you find transformation in religious puppet albums? Do Moog Country hits make you saddle up? If you say yes, and you feel this is the kind of horrible offering you feel you and your patrons deserve,
then Bad Album Night is for you.

   We stand ready to deliver the worst entertainment you have ever had. 

Tip the bartender well... It will be a long night. 

To book Bad Album Night at your venue, contact us here or here on fb.  DJ WHATNOT, DJ Titan Strohmburg III, ESQ., and DJ Nordic Cowboy provide everything you need... 
Three turntables and a microphone...   and a box load of crap to share with everyone!