Welcome to my website - Bassface67.com!

Greetngs friends.   We all know that COVID has impacted so many of our friends and family.   As for musicians, this pandemic has been nothing short of a total loss of income for so many of my creative musical friends.   
However, all of these our struggles won't stifle creativity and art.  

Please join me for a number of performances with mask and vaccination safety protocols that make these performances possible.    If you can't make it in person, you can support our efforts by way of VENMO

I am very excited about a number of musical efforts that have grown in depth and detail.  I am absolutely thrilled to be part of Paul Brainard's fabulous Tiki Men.  This quartet continues to grow and improve.  We also have a new set of 2nd Weds. at Revolution Hall's Show Bar in addtion to Tiki Tuesday at the Starday on Foster.  I have performed and recorded recently with Jeremy Wilson, Sam Densmore, Jameson Wandling and Hank Cramer.  Many of these recordings include arco and pizz work on my upright basses.  OPB's Artbeat featured and recorded Jeremy which included our recent concert being captured.  I am so excited to see what comes of those efforts.  Jameson has also released a number of fun official videos to be found on my Videos page.   Lots of new releases in 2022...

St. James's Gate has been rehearsing again with new material being created and refined.  I am working with Cary Novotny with his original country band, and with Seamus Egan and others on traditional Irish sessions.  These artists all make me a better musician.  I am very fortunate.  Bahttsi recorded on Mt. Hood in 2021 and drummer Mark Burdon has been churning out rough mixes from these fabled sessions from 2021 and from the archive.  Thank you Mark!

  As DJ What?Not, I have really been enjoying spinning my record collection at Mad Hanna, for Bad Album Night with DJ Titan Strohmburg III ESQ., as well as on my own for Saloon Sundays, and my own Happy Hour sets of What?Not favorites!  As I write this, I realize my musical life is full, and interesting.  As always, I only want to do more, so I feel optimistic about the coming year.   If you want to support me in other ways consider picking up some merchandise.  I may even look into getting some fun BassFace67 merch too.   

I'll keep you posted as I complete my studio space at home and get more recordings going there.   
I really appreciate your support.  My best to you and thanks for your support!

Just like Sammy, YES I CAN!