Welcome to my website - Bassface67.com!

Greetngs friends.   Well its been a tough year for all musicians, but there are still new and fun opportunities and great music happening..  Things seem to be picking up for Paul Brainard's fabulous Tiki Men.  I also have a new recording out and Festival headlining with Hank Cramer.  I also recorded some upright for Jameson Wandling and you can see the official video on my Videos page.  St. James's Gate and Bahttsi each had some fun summer gigs with more to come.  Things are starting to come back!  If you want to support our efforts - pick up some merchandise.   

I'll keep you posted as I continue to transform my studio space at home and get more things going there.  Also, please keep posted for the return of Bad Album Nights.  No shortage of good music and joy to bring your way. 
Best to you and thanks for your support!