Welcome to my website - Bassface67.com!

Thanks for your support of my musical efforts.  The year has me busy already with shows with the fabulous
 Tiki Men, St. James's Gate, Bahttsi, and more.   I have been having a great time performing with Seamus Egan, Cary Novotny, Lindsie Feathers and more.  There is new recordings out that I completed with Jeremy Wilson, Sam Densmore, Jameson Wandling and Hank Cramer.  Many of these recordings include arco and pizz work on my upright basses.  OPB's Artbeat featured and recorded Jeremy which included our recent concert being captured.    Lots of new releases planned for 2023...

  As DJ What?Not, I have really been enjoying spinning my record collection at Mad Hanna, for Bad Album Night with DJ Titan Strohmburg III ESQ., as well as on my own for occassional Happy Hour sets of Exotica Lounge, Funk and more.  If you want to support me in other ways consider picking up some merchandise.  I may even look into getting some fun BassFace67 merch too.   

If you can't make it in person, you can support my efforts by way of VENMO.     
I really appreciate your support.  Lets make it a great year -  thanks for your support!