The New Deluxe - Explorations in Modern, Original and Reimagined Jazz Music

The New Deluxe is an original jazz ensemble that is exploring the uniquely American art form of jazz music.  The ensemble reimagines music of all kinds both from "traditional" jazz to popular melody.  Most importantly, the ensemble is exploring new territories in original composition.  Composer Brad Rapp explores a number of varied harmonic counterpoint melodies with exciting results.  The sound is both both new, and a comfortable familiarity that is based in jazz traditions.  Additionally, bassist Matthew Rotchford offers compositions that lend themselves both to the players and to the ensemble.  Vibraphonist Dennis Elmer provides the warm harmonic basis for the groups sound and also lends his skill in drumming and programming to add percussive elements and even deeper grooves.  The results are a modern and enjoyable musical offering.  The Featuring guitarist and composer, Brad Rapp; vibraphonist Dennis Elmer and Matthew Rotchford on acoustic and electric basses.  The New Deluxe provides adventures in popular song, original and fresh jazz sounds as well as familiar tunes that set the mood.  The group works together as a trio, but also can be expanded to fit events that would rather use a duo or larger.  The trio has performed at Wine Up on Williams, Water Ave eatery, private weddings and corporate events.   The group can perform acoustic or electric. 

The New Deluxe features a trio of accomplished musicians... 
Brad Rapp Guitars, Composition
Dennis Elmer Vibraphone, Percussion
Matthew Rotchford Electric and Acoustic Basses, Composition