BAD ALBUM NIGHT: The Horror...

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Mad Hanna, 6127 NE Fremont, Portland, OR 97213

BAD ALBUM NIGHT: The Horror.... The reality of our world today is something we all look to escape from. What better way, than to join your friends, drown your sorrows and push down your feelings one more time as DJ WHAT?NOT and DJ Titan Strohmburg III ESQ. join forces in an all-out aural assault on your very being. The Horror is real. These albums were made for you to embrace your fears. Tip your bartender and bring your therapist. BAD ALBUM NIGHT: The Horror is ready to make all your nightmares come true. If you fear getting together with your family at Thanksgiving, just invite them to BAN: The Horror - there is no reason why you can't just address your fears with friends and family all at one time. Tissues available..