Zig Zag 1 - It Doesn't Have To Be That

by Bahttsi

Released 2008
Released 2008
Chicken Music for a New Millenium - Slam Funkin' Groove Grass that Swings and Snorts - Bawk Rock
Bahttsi is a band that consists of 6 really good friends that have been playing music together for over a decade. Many of the members play professionally and with a host of other groups and styles. Bahttsi is fun. Bahttsi will make you laugh, think, and maybe even cry or pee your pants - perhaps both. Bahttsi music will change your life. It certainly changed mine. Bahttsi is meant to be taken with you on a road trip. Even one in your mind. If you like fiddle, slide guitar, mandocello, bass, drums, trombone, guitars, mandolin, multitudes of vocals and even word jazz raps, then accept the Bahttsi challenge. Are you ready for all around good times? Bahttsi is here and waiting for you. Join us. Group Good.