Matthew P. Rotchford - Acoustic and Electric Bassist

Artist Photo - Matthew Rotchford BassistAcoustic and Electric Bassist Matthew Rotchford, completed his Bachelor of Arts in Music, as well as a B.A. in Performing Arts Administration from Eastern Washington University while studying under Russian double bassist Roma Vayspapir.  He has performed throughout the Northwest with various jazz ensembles, trios, rock bands, and folk and blues groups.  Matthew has had the pleasure of of performing with such varied and outstanding musicians as Bobby Shew, Richie Cole, Wynton Marsalis, Arnie Carruthers, Ethel Ennis and many other jazz luminaries.  While in Spokane, Matt performed regularly with Arnie Carruthers at the Spokane House along with outstanding drummer, Vince Littleton (SuperDiamond). Matt performed and recorded with Nine-Volt Mile vocalist/guitarist Jason Elliott and drummer Brandon O'Brien in the first incarnation of St. James’s Gate, writing, performing and singing all-original material in venues throughout Portland. The group was an outstanding foundation for what was to come.

Matthew has performed with the Celtic band St. James’s Gate – – for over a decade now, playing festivals and concerts thoughout the West.  Matt’s long collaboration with fiddler Griff Ocker began in the seminal cabaret-“what-is-it,” jam band Bahttsi, and opened up the world of (“I saw the light…”) bluegrass as well as renewed appreciation for Irish music in general. In addition to St. James’s Gate, Matt performs with a number of other great musicians including pianist Tom Rheingans, drummer Mark Burdon (Vagabond Opera, Boka Marimba), vocalist Ricki Hisaw, The Myelin Ensemble (vibrophonist Dennis Elmer and guitarist Brad Rapp) Trombonist Greg Scholl (Rhythm Dogs), guitarist Frank Huston, singer-songwriters Cronin Tierney, Jeremy Wilson, Dylan-Thomas Vance (HERE), Catherine Lawyer and her band Strawberry Roan, and multi-instrumentalist Marc Visnick. In 2008, Matthew and fiddler Griff Bear toured the Highlands of Scotland with renowned folk musician Hank Cramer

With numerous recordings to his credit (See music),  Matt enjoys spending time with his family, friends and adding to his strange album collection (the coveted Ethel Merman Disco Album is just one fine example).

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